vfvf.gif Continuing GSW's death wish to be 'all GameTap, all the time', we just got their latest press alert, discussing March's forthcoming games and attractions, following February's line-up update from Turner's monthly subscription PC gaming service, and there's a couple of excruciatingly vague but interesting tidbits on there.

Apparently, the game vault is 'now approaching 400 titles', and "this month, three of Sega’s most popular games are coming to GameTap, including the world’s first 3D CG fighting game!" GSW editor and 'retro master' Frank Cifaldi is predicting that this means Virtua Fighter for the 32X, but we rarely listen to him anyhow.

In addition, there's a big Japanese name appearing as a new GameTap licensee: "Capcom will be entering the GameTap arena with nine – yes nine – additions to the GameTap library." Of course, there's no hint as to exactly what titles - but damn, we wish that Dungeons and Dragons: Shadow Over Mystara could appear, stripped of the D&D license, or something, just so we can play it legally.

In original programming, apparently "...two of the biggest names in the punk and country music scenes, respectively, will be featured in shows addressing their love of video games" - Johnny Rotten and Dolly Parton? We're just spitballing here. Finally, the most-played game of February on GameTap was Army’s Men: Sarge’s War. Uh? Still, next was Galaga and then Root Beer Tapper, so the world is still sane. Kinda.