bbstars.jpg Though we already covered subscription gaming service GameTap's alleged new additions for March, but just a brief note, since they just sent us a 'Heads Up Monthly' newsletter with precise info about some of the new titles.

Firstly, the featured new game for the month is Uru: Ages Beyond Myst, which we recently covered for its Cyan-impelled online resurrection (though it's unlikely the GameTap version could, uhh, 'tap' into that easily), and also other brand new you're retro titles loaded onto GameTap, which now has 394 playable games, include Sim Safari and Quest For Glory I-III, yay.

Also coming down the pipe on March 16th are Altered Beast, Golden Axe & Virtua Fighter from Sega (with target platforms unspecified), and, probably the biggest news of all, on March 29th: "Neo Geo debuts on GameTap with Baseball Stars Professional." Thus, this a whole new hardware platform for play and delection - are Metal Slug and some classic fighters coming soon? We can only hope.