gsg.jpg Well, as you may have spotted, we ran our first ever GameSetWatch column today, the first instalment of regular shooter column 'Shmup Me Up, Buttercup', thanks to Jeremiah 'Nullsleep' Johnson, who is writing a pair of columns for us that will run biweekly.

Johnson, who runs famed bleep net.label 8BitPeoples, will be writing a GSW column dealing with video game music and 'chiptune'-related news and links. In addition, Vintage Computing & Gaming editor RedWolf is compiling for GSW a weekly column looking at vintage game print ads, including plenty of exclusively sourced ads from classic game magazines.

However, we're looking for more columnists who have the time to write weekly columns for us, and we're particularly interested in the following subjects: Japanese doujin games, game modding, weekly profiles for selected classic PSX/Saturn/N64 games, similar profiles for Genesis/SNES/NES games, a Western and/or Japanese arcade column, and any manner of other geeky things. You may have some better ideas, even.

In any case, contact us if you think you can source and post something weekly on any of these (or other GSW-relevant!) subjects. There is some (trifling!) payment involved, too. So have at it!