cgw.jpg So, video game magazines - reeling a little from all that crazy online competition, right? Well, yes, but it's interesting to note that recent circulation numbers in the UK for game mags show stabilization or even increases for those magazines that try to run classier, longer-form content, such as PC Gamer and Edge.

Even more teen-oriented mags in the U.S. are trying to switch things up - IDG Entertainment just sent us a short release mentioning that: "The April issue of GamePro (on stands March 14) debuts the new "HyperCritical" section- it features aggregate review scores from GamePro and competitors like EGM, Game Informer, IGN, and Official Playstation Magazine, pointing out must-have titles across the board." Citing even competitors' scores, GameRankings-stylee, in a print mag? Interesting, to say the least.

But that's not all - Ziff's Computer Gaming World PC game magazine has recently revealed that it's dropping review scores, though as QT3's Tom Chick points out: "the idea is that will do the conventional review, which will appear online, and CGW will do more extended coverage to complement that review."

In fact, CGW's Jeff Green, recently the subject of an above-averagely interesting GameCloud interview, turns up in the forums to chat about the concept, noting admirably: "We're expecting both positive and negative feedback, of course.
Just like we did with the no "game of the year" awards thing, which was done for a similar reason - to function less as an arm of the publishers' marketing depts, and more as a resource for the gaming community." Jeff, now you've angered them, please watch out for the marketing mafia with their earpieces and their dark glasses and their 'Mr. Anderson'? Nobody can help you, not even Bubsy.