frogger.png The ever-handy Planet GameCube has reprinted a Konami press release which reveals that the Frogger franchise is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, and that a multitude of cosmically wonderful events are planned to help dignify his first quarter century.

According to the release: "Starting with the St. Patrick’s Day parade today in New York, the costumed character will be sharing the gift of green, commemorating 25 years of entertainment by handing out special anniversary gift items." We're hoping that drunken New Yorkers don't get offended when they find out he's not a leprechaun, and turn him into roadkill. [Or even Roomba roadkill!]

Apparently, there have been "over 20 million games sold to date" in the Frogger franchise - which we're kinda surprised by, given that most of them really don't improve on the formula to any great degree - sorry, Konami. But hey, maybe jumping across roads is enough, and we think the box art for Frogger Beyond is borderline endearing, so that'll have to do - let frogs stick to what they're good at!