d4.jpg The continually entertaining MTV News game section, which now has a dedicated news page for its exclusive Stephen Totilo-sourced reports, has a new story discussing the soundtrack to Atari's 'Driver 4: Parallel Lines', and subtitled: 'Rappers don't retire anymore. They make songs for video games.'

Totilo talked to both Grandmaster Flash and Professor Griff from Public Enemy, both commissioned for new songs for the Driver 4 soundtrack, and, according to Totilo: "One of the Public Enemy tracks on the soundtrack, "Narcissistic Fix," includes a simple message from another rap dad to his son: "Now when's the last time you read a f---ing book?"" Of course, Professor Griff, the author of this line, is a controversial figure himself, having been at one point fired from PE for allegedly claiming that "Jews are responsible for the majority of the wickedness in the world", though by now, is presumably much mellowed.

Of course, the final words should probably be left to Professor Griff: "What other kinds of games can we make that feature the talents that hip-hop artists have to offer? Is it always gonna be the driving, shoot-'em-up, bang-bang kind of games?" Oh, Griffy, but that's the only kind of game there is.