depechemode.jpg You may have heard the news, earlier in the week, that Depeche Mode had been signed for a Sims 2 song, with 'Suffer Well' "re-recorded by the band and lead singer David Gahan into Simlish, the fake language created for the Sims universe."

Well, Vedrashko's 'Brands In Games' blog has spotted that the machinima-style music video for the song, previously just available on EA's official The Sims 2 site, has appeared on YouTube for easier watching, complete with a tragic story of a robot spurned by its own, and Gahan's characteristic baritone a little more garbled than normal.

The original story also has great info on Simlish itself, which "...was formed out of a synthesis of Ukranian and the Filipino language of Tagalog. Series creator Will Wright also experimented with using the native Navajo language, which had utility in World War II as a language very few people on Earth knew, making it resistant to enemy interception."