massif.jpg You might have seen the press release, or the Gamasutra news story on it, or even the official website, but the editors of the excellent U.S. mag Computer Games Magazine will be launching the MMO-focused Massive Magazine this September.

The press release reveals: "The premiere issue will hit newsstands for a three-month run on September 19, 2006, and will start as a stand-alone quarterly publication by January 2007. It will also include a free DVD packed with MMO demos and games." Seeing as the beefed-up MMO coverage in Computer Games Magazine was already neat, and serious in-depth coverage of MMOs is missing from almost every other print pub, it'll be great to see it split out to an entire mag.

Apparently, the mag "will include in-depth features on the culture of MMOs, focusing on players, guilds, communities, and their adventures both inside and outside the games", and we're hoping CGMag parent company, renowned as one of the biggest boom and bust stories, and still limping along with new enterprises like VoIP software, can hang on in there to keep delivering neat editorial like this.