vispin.jpg While rooting around for pinball news earlier this week, we came across Pinball News' report on the ATEI arcade show in London, with particular reference to the pinball-related arcade machines there.

Obviously, pinball ain't what it used to be, but nonetheless, there's lots of info on the new ATEI-shown World Poker Tour elsewhere on the Pinball News, from the only surviving coin-op pinball manufacturer out there, Stern Pinball. In addition, there's pics of a Stern redemption Simpsons-licensed pinball-ish machine designed by Dennis Nordman, plus plenty of odd video game-based pinball setups.

For one, there's "Spanish company Recreativos Presas and their new video pinball based around Empire's Pro Pinball", now on its second iteration, but most interesting of all, a "new pinball simulator from Ultracade Technologies [that] uses Visual Pinball to recreate 10 famous Williams/Bally tables from the past. They are: Attack From Mars, Xenon, Black Knight 2000, Strikes & Spares, Pinbot, Medieval Madness, Funhouse, Fathom, F-14 Tomcat and Eight Ball Champ." Neat.