alienss.jpg Plucked off the wires yesterday, there's news that U.S. firm Global VR is making an Aliens-themed arcade gun-game shooter, named Aliens: Extermination, in which "a mop-up operation headed by the colonial marines returns to the planet to finish off the Alien population that ravaged their troops years before."

Actually, the press release has a good history of Aliens arcade titles, as follows: " In 1989 the coin-op industry enjoyed the first arcade version of Alien developed and manufactured by Konami. Aliens hit the scene in 1990 published by Konami followed by Alien 3 - The Gun, in 1993 published by Sega and Alien vs. Predator published in 1994 by Capcom."

This new version is being developed by Play Mechanix, the Illinois-based developer previously known for gun games like Invasion: The Abductors and the Big Buck Hunter series. Oh, and for Aliens: Extermination, "...the players take control of one of the best weapons in the Colonial Marine arsenal, the M41A 10mm Pulse Rifle, over and under, with a 30mm grenade launcher." Should be fun wielding one of those in an arcade.

[Oh, and as a side note, we totally didn't notice that Global VR is buying retro arcade firm Ultracade, who make the multi-game emulated machines, as well as a horse racing arcade game that fits well with current U.S. bar-style arcade machine trends. Did you?]