ahero.jpg Those rascally Germans at Schadenfreude Interactive, who have recently been posting information on their Teutonic titles at GSW sister site Gamasutra, have just put up information on their April 2006 retail release, Accordion Hero.

An advertisement for the soon-to-be-classic game appears in the April issue of Computer Games Magazine, alongside an ad for 'zombie U-boat simulator' Dead Men Rising, which is equally awesome, but let's concentrate on Accordion Hero for now, offering, as it does, "all the great accordion melodies you've ever gotten really, really drunk to...from Ein Munchen Steht Ein Hofbrauhaus to Rock You Like A Hurricane."

The Schadenfreudians also add that the title "...comes with one Gloss Black USB accordion controller. Kirschrot (Cherry Red) controller sold separately for two-player squeeze action. Awesomely rad sticker sheet included." Awesome indeed, and the in-game screenshot makes it clear that Schadenfreude's blatant Boston-based imitators Harmonix should prepare for an army of towel-wielding German lawyers, any day now.