bor.jpg One of our favorite websites recently is Achieve360Points, which is an invaluable source of info about how to score big with those pesky Xbox 360 Gamerscore points, and which we recently referenced regarding their interview with 20000+ Gamerscore genius ST_TheKing.

Well, the site is going from strength to strength, and particularly cool is its listing of achievements for X360 games that aren't even out yet, including those for Rumble Roses Double X, for The Outfit, for Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter, for Burnout Revenge, and for Oblivion.

Achievements are actually fun to read, even if you don't own the game, since they give you a good idea of the shape of the title. Even better, Achieve360Points is now adding achievement-specific guides, such as this one for Ridge Racer 6, making focusing on point collection even easier for the OCD among us. Finally, gamer interviews have also been updated, including one with fellow 20,000+ gamer Crono117, who is, suspiciously enough, another Canadian, just like ST_TheKing - is it a long winter up there?