yahooo.jpg When we noticed (via Waxy) that Yahoo!'s forthcoming new homepage redesign has a pretty large box linking to their video game site, at least in the early screenshot, we thought we'd go and explore the Yahoo! Video Games website again.

In general, the site hasn't got that much notice from hardcore gamers, partly because the news section is entirely GameSpot-licensed, but, apart from the not-uninteresting and exclusive streaming video game show Reset!, presented by Zoe Flower, Kat Hunter, Ruby Lopez, and Raymond Padilla, there's actually a few exclusive Yahoo! game columns hanging out in difficult to locate places (see the 'EDITORIAL & OPINION' box on the news link.)

These include a regular 'Virtual Worlds' MMO column by Mike Smith, a fun 'Hollywood Byte' film and gaming column from veteran John Gaudiosi, and a general 'Pushed To The Edge' column on a variety of subjects from contributing editor Russ Fischer, all well worth checking out, if you haven't been already - consider yourself warned.