madt.jpg Gus Mastrapa's fun 'quick, opinionated video game impressions' blog Looky Touchy has put up a post discussing French-created toy car racer Mad Tracks, which both has a downloadable demo for PC, and, according to the official website, will be "on Xbox 360 Live Arcade from March 2006."

As Mastrapa says: "If I was an indie game developer I'd be very excited about Xbox Live Arcade right about now", and Mad Tracks, which hasn't been mentioned much by Microsoft yet, looks lots of fun: " A Car Arcade Party Game [with] Pull back friction vehicles, Acrobatic Tracks", according to the ex-Ubisoft creators. We're looking forward to seeing/downloading it.

In addition, a recent GameCloud interview with Stainless Games' Patrick Buckland, who just debuted the 2006 remake of his own Crystal Quest on XBLA, reveals: "We are producing an original, fully-featured multiplayer combat-driving game called Novadrome for 360 Live Arcade" - another original 360 Live title which has been relatively unheralded thus far, and is due this Spring. In conclusion - darn, it's going to be a good year for console indie titles.