x36.jpg Over at the weblog of Jason 'Loonyboi' Bergman, he's been rather handy and pointed out some new-ish official Xbox 360-related blogs, as posted by real Microsoft employees about real X360-related shenanigans.

As Jason explains: "Major Nelson's blog has been required reading for a while now, but Microsoft has done A Good Thing and expanded their outreach to include two more blogs...Gamerscore is entertaining for me, as it's actually from the Xbox PR team, but the most interesting of the three Xbox journals is the new Xbox Team blog. This is just all kinds of fun."

We actually particularly enjoyed a somewhat lengthy PR mini-rant against a recent Next-Gen article that was headlined 'Xbox Live Arcade GM Jabs Nintendo, Sony'. The Microsoft PR person, John Porcaro, notes testily: "Take a look at the summary. The context of the story is [Greg Canessa] comparing Nintendo’s future Virtual Console with Xbox Live Arcade, and how classic games are just a subset of what we’re doing online, but the summary implies that Greg is dismissing the entire back catalog of Nintendo games." And thereby invoking fanboooy wraaaaaath.