robot.jpg Although the default Gamercard for Xbox 360 users (here's mine) looks fairly nice, there's already a host of third-party websites taking Microsoft's data and rearranging it into sleeker designs for you to embed in your websites, and one of the best of these is Glop's Xbox Live Gamercard Generator.

The site generates GIF, JPG, or PNG graphics specific to your Gamertag in 11 different designs, and the app's author is kindly hosting them on its own site and dynamically updating them so you can permalink them (here's mine, elongated) - unfortunately one imagines this will get bandwidth-heavy, eventually? (Random note: is also home of the 'Boycott Starforce' webpage, if you're into sue-happy Russian game protection software.) [Via QT3.]

Another interesting new X360-related site is Achieve 360 Points, a third-party site that's listing all of the Xbox 360's achievements in one place, along with the icons and point values for each. It's still early in development, but its FAQ page has some very interesting tidbits on a few achievements which simply aren't gettable: "The creators of [Outpost Kaloki X] have stated that the "Eight-Port Master" and "Adventure Story Gold" achievements are not possible at this time, and cannot release information as to whether Microsoft will allow them to patch or fix these at this time", plus: "There is a glitch in Joust/Robotron: 2084 that makes the game go from Wave 99 back to Wave 0, thus rendering these achievements impossible." Interesting.