wont.jpg GSW co-editor Alice posted on Wonderland about a truly terrifying new PC game named, we kid you not: 'War On Terror'.

Actually, after throwing that buzzword out (and let's not forget, Fugitive Hunter has already had you boxing Osama Bin Laden, so the concept isn't _that_ far out), the subtitle is 'Modern Warfare RTS', which is, of course, not dissimilar to the subtitle for EA's Battlefield 2, 'Modern Combat' - though it's a different style of game, apparently.

Meanwhile, a commenter points out a description of a game from the Hungarian developers: "The game delivers a completely new perspective into the meaning of “war against the terrorism”, presenting ultimate sacrifice, valor, heroism and honor, gives new meaning of treasons and lethal secrets, presents an epic adventure, where the fate of the world depends on alliances, on trust and on those few brave men and women whose are not fear from the consequences and able to face and fight against the deadly unknown." What's next - a 'Mission Accomplished' carrier landing sim?