"Katamari Chef"
by Jacob Chabot
Life Meter, which GSW covered a few weeks back while it was still in development, has now officially launched its site. The collective has recently added lots more comics and illustrations drawn by video game fans of their favourite characters and worlds. Co-Editors Zack Giallongo, Dave Roman, Stephanie Yue are currently looking for new artwork to display on their shiny, new site.

The trio wants to see contributions that depict a "day in the life" of game personalities: "Events that could be in continuity even if you'd never really see it in the game. What was going on in the heads of these characters day in and day out as they performed these tasks?" Each artist will be given a space underneath their piece in which to textually pontificate, and a bonus reciprocal link so happy fans and angry lawyers can get in touch.

Currently, Nintendo characters are dominating Life Meter's doodles. I'd like to see a day in the life of a Pong paddle, or a day in the life of a closet-monster from Doom 3. If you've got a better idea, make sure you review Life Meter's submission specs before sending it in.