used_games.jpg In December, we covered an earlier take on the same subject, but now, the Hollywood Reporter's Paul Hyman discusses the advantages and issues of the used video game market with a number of industry veterans.

Obviously, there are agendas to be put forward, and thus, the IEMA's Hal Halpin suggests that: "I think publishers are making noise because they'd like to get a piece of that almost $1-billion that GameStop is making ... and that's all there is to it", whereas Atari's Wim Stock's "...preference would be to have some sort of agreement with retailers that used games could only be sold, say, three or six months after the launch of a product."

However, the ubiquitous analyst Michael Pachter suggests that "...the existence of the used market increases the number of new purchase transactions... because only people who bought new games have games to trade in." So it's all OK, in a chicken/egg type way? Uhm, possibly.