uru.jpg Over at Adventure Gamers, they've broken the excellent news that Cyan Worlds' PC game Uru Live is hopping back online, thanks to what Cyan co-founder Rand Miller describes as "limited funding from a third party that allows us to breathe some refreshing new life and optimism into all things Uru."

The newly launched D'mala Unt├Čl Uru Shard FAQ (try saying that 3 times quickly!) explains: "Uru: Ages Beyond Myst (sometimes called "Uru Prime") was a Myst themed computer game released by Cyan Worlds and Ubisoft in the Fall of 2003. It was meant to be the first adventure-game based multiplayer online game, but the Uru Live 'Prologue' was shut down in early 2004 by lack of funding."

Although Uru Live was certainly a controversial experience when launched, and its lack of success was one of the contributing factors to Cyan's untimely death and almost immediate resurrection, text adventure creator Andrew 'Zarf' Plotkin wrote up some excellent notes on all aspects of Uru, showing why this intriguing world should arguably at least be given a chance to make it on its own. Viva Uru!