archie.gifWe recently spotted something pretty unlikely: a new video game starring Archie "Archie" Andrews, star of Archie Comics and lead in rock band The Archies ("Sunshine lollipops and rainbows," etc.). It's a mobile game called Archie News Paper Boy, and it comes to you from Bombay, India-based Nazara.

"Archie takes up the paper boy job in order to make some extra money for taking veronica out for a date on weekend," says the game's official website. "Help him to deliver the paper, by showing him the proper road as he can move across to the houses either vertically or horizontally or diagonally."

The title screen is shown on the upper-left, there, but we're not entirely sure who the dark-haired kid on the bike is. We think it might be Elvis, or maybe The Punisher. In any case, we're fairly certain that this is the first game to use the Archie IP, which is kind of significant. Feel free to correct us if we're wrong.

Poking around the site a bit reveals all sorts of other fun stuff, including Skid City (has nothing to do with underpants), Dilton's Crazy Atoms (more autistic than actually crazy), and Poker Addict, the sad sad tale of a man whose gambling addiction is separating him from his hopes and dreams...and, soon, his wife. Or maybe it's just a standard poker game, we haven't actually looked.