outrun2006.jpg Former Sega fansite and current distended monstrosity UK Resistance appears to have invented an employee of OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast adapter Sumo Digital, and then conducted an interview with said person.

Some of the fun, informal answers include the differences between the Xbox and PS2 versions of the game, which is OutRun 2 plus the SP tracks plus FUN ("Biggest difference is the controllers, but we've tweaked them with the help of AM2 to keep the right feel and control"), and info on the expanded Mission Mode ("We hope to divide opinion once again on the mission mode. We've split the missions into Heart Attack type stuff and Racing missions, as we know not everyone likes the same things as us. We've added kittens and lions as well as the obligatory fruit and there's even a beach ball to dribble.")

Finally, UKR would not be UKR without a little Richard Jacques worship, but unfortunately Sumo's Steven Lycett hasn't met him. Still, he does a good job of guessing: "I imagine he's really smartly dressed but with pop star hair. I bet he hangs round with top models and smokes fags with a cigarette holder. In fact I think I hate him for that."