zombi.jpg We meant to post this, like, 3 zillion years ago, but it's still funny so we'll do it now - Scott Sharkey over at 1UP posted his list of the 'Worst Games, Best Names', and much hilarity ensued.

As Sharkey gleefully explains in his intro: "Sometimes the best part of a game is the title. The images they can plant in our minds are often far more interesting than the game itself could ever be. We thought it'd be fun to share a few of our own favorites, and then completely ruin the magic by explaining what they actually were. Enjoy."

Of course, giving away the winner, it had to be: "Simple2000 Series Vol. 95: The Zombi Vs Kyoukyousha", of which it's explained: "Volume 95 in English, in case you were wondering why such a stupid title took #1, is 'Zombies Against Ambulances'". The final rave: "Simple 2000 games are nothing if not literal, so unlike pretty much every title on this list, Zombies Against Ambulances is guaranteed to be exactly what you think it is-- Pure, unmitigated awesome."