suplee.jpg Further perusal of the video dump to end all video dumps YouTube has revealed some interesting videos related to the history of Sega's game commercials.

Firstly, there's an apparently 'classic' Sega commercial in which a youthful Ethan Suplee (currently to be seen in My Name Is Earl) hits himself over the head with a dead squirrel to get 'color' for his original Game Boy. The alternative? Buying a spanking new Sega Game Gear, of course!

Also available on YouTube, thanks to the SMSPower folks, also hosting other Sega commercial goodness, there's an early '80s Japanese Sega SG-1000 commercial, in which we find out that the add-on SK-1100 keyboard for the obscure console will allow you to wear a bow tie, program basic, and giggle annoyingly. Still, you can't beat the classic 'Say-gaaaaa' sound effect at the end, and that's what counts.