delaparappa.jpg We'll try to check in on insane video-hoarding site YouTube semi-regularly here on GSW, because the amount of game-related clips is rapidly increasing. Our pick for this time is the De La Soul ft. Double 'U Gotta Believe' music video, which was released in Japan alongside Parappa The Rapper 2 for the PS2, and features Pos and friends getting goofy with Masaya Matsuura's underrated sequel.

Of course, the recent live-action Swedish student Parappa project is another great example of a Parappa cooking-related music vid, but we like De La Soul's chef hats more, so there.

[Oh, and YouTube also has the intro to the short-lived Japanese Parappa anime series, which was apparently not such a happy experience for American artist and Parappa co-creator Rodney Greenblat, as GSW sister site Gamasutra documented a few months back.]