smon.jpg The lippy oiks over at Kikizo have, nonetheless, scored an excellent interview with Sega's Yu Suzuki, in which the difficult to track down Sega sensei discusses his new arcade fighter Psy-Phi and a multitude of other subjects.

Some particularly interesting points - on the future of Japanese (and Western arcades), Suzuki comments: "What I really think the continuing popularity of arcades will hinge on is "live entertainment" and real human relationships. Currently this is a weak point for most arcades."

In addition, the long in development Shenmue Online is touched on, and apparently, Mr. Suzuki has a more hands-on role than some realized following a shift in development in 2005, as he comments: "I'm working hard on it - real busy!... Remember how some of my old arcade games were in the previous Shenmue games? They'll be here, too. The player will be able to follow the Shenmue story through the game. It's not based on any existing Shenmue title. There are a lot of features in Shenmue that carry over well into an MMO game."