steinme.jpg We at GSW previously covered Phil Steinmeyer's launch of his neeto casual PC title Bonnie's Bookstore through the PopCap website, and now he's taking a distinctly unconventional step - posting a total of 16 playable PC prototypes to get feedback on the best game ideas for his next title.

Steinmeyer is formerly known for his work on Tropico and later versions of the Railroad Tycoon series, and comments of this concept: "I’d really like to get solid feedback from a variety of folks, so I’m going public with these prototypes very early. They are crude prototypes, but hopefully show either the germ of something fun, or reveal an idea that frankly just doesn’t work."

There's actually a specific download page with more information on the prototypes, for which it's noted: "All games are variations on the basic color-matching puzzle paradigm that's used for most casual games. But I think the mechanics of each game represent anywhere from moderate to major originality vis-a-vis currently popular match-3 games." This is a genuinely interesting and honest way to solicit feedback, and GSW thinks Mr. Steinmeyer should be applauded for his audacity.