skooldaze.gifGSW is batting near 100% for reblogging RedKeyRedDoor since it spluttered back into life again, and it's just posted a reprint of a big feature on 1984 Spectrum game Skooldaze that the RKRD authors created for Retro Gamer magazine last year.

Skool Daze is such a well-loved game to many Europeans who grew up in the '80s that it got an excellent remake in the late '90s, PC title 'Klass Of '99', but original creator Dave Reidy, noew running an electrical engineering company, was blissfully aware of some of the gameplay elements he helped pioneer. As pointed out: "Back in 1985, Dave told Sinclair User that "a game should not depend on the desire to achieve a single aim. In Skooldaze, you don't have to know what to do to enjoy it." We put it to the author that the school he created, operating almost independently of the player, was years ahead of its time. It was 'sandbox'-style games decades too early... Dave is a bit lost by all this."

In fact, the feature concludes sharply: "It's a shame Dave isn't keeping tabs on the gaming scene. Because he'd probably be amazed to learn that, twenty years after the bell first rang for playtime in Skooldaze, everything's coming full circle. Grand Theft Auto demigods Rockstar have just announced Bully -- which, despite being unlikely to feature catapults and short trousers, looks like doing for today's consoles what Skooldaze did for the Spectrum and C64." Well, maybe just a few catapults?