pogosticker.jpg Jump up, jump up, and get down? Matt Wegner's physics-related game blog Fun-Motion has a review of Jetro Lauha's fun PC freeware title Pogo Sticker, which, incidentally, was the very final game entered into the IGF this year (though it didn't get into the finals, aw!)

As Matt explains: "Jetro is most known for his Dismount games, although he has long been involved in the demo scene and currently works for Sulake Corporation (developers of the famed Habbo Hotel)."

The concept is simple but fiendish enough: "In Pogo Sticker, you control a rather abstract-looking pogo man. Clicking the mouse increases your jump height, and moving the mouse to the left or right of your little dude will steer him in that direction on his next jump. Your power meter slowly reduces over time. You need to be sure to keep increasing it, although be careful: Hitting your head too many times will fail the level, as will coming to a complete standstill." Well, for us, it's frustrating, but borderline good frustrating - we still like flinging people down stairs more, though!