shockc.jpg Every once in a while, there's a news story so demented that you may think that it's entirely fictional. This is the case with a recent Tim Rogers-penned piece on Insert Credit which discusses Japanese peripheral developer Hori's range of bizarre 'PeriBorg' peripherals, designed by Eiji Morikawa.

After all, Rogers is a rampant baby-eating egomaniac who, like, makes things up, right? Well... half-right. Actually, as you can see by the PeriBorg official site, insane controllers like the Ore Commander ("a rubber-band-equipped finger clip attached to a wrist-mountable battery pack... if you let the... tip of your thumb hover over a [PS2] controller button and then flex it ever so slightly, your thumb tip will begin to vibrate [for super-fast button pressing]), well, actually exist.

But the coup de grace? It has to be the Shock-C, "a pair of scissoring, knuckle mounted plastic eating utensils, positioned so that you can hold something in your hands (like a game controller) while also eating out of, say, a bag of potato chips." Forget the Nintendo Revolution controller, I think we've found the future of gaming, right here, right now.