honeywood.jpg Edge Online has posted an excellent interview with Square Enix head of localization Richard Mark Honeywood, in an extended version of a chat that appeared in an Edge Magazine article.

One of the most interesting parts of the interview discusses non-voice changes to Square Enix titles - Honeywood points out: "For example, see the scene in The Bouncer where Koh is infiltrating Mikado’s office in disguise and has to do gestures so as not to get caught. We redid the motion-capture so that the mime of an alarm clock and the ‘okay’ sign made sense in both audiences. You can see it if you switch between Japanese and English voice modes in the Japanese or US release of the game."

Honeywood is also eloquent on which other company's localization teams he enjoys, noting: "Outside of my own company, I personally like a lot of Nintendo’s work, as they also have grasped the idea of localisation not being mere translation and go to lengths to cater their games for each audience. For instance, Mario & Luigi RPG was a lot funnier for me in English than it was in Japanese, and the replacing of strange Japanese items and concepts with strange Western ones in Animal Crossing is the type of localisation I admire." Yay!