crunkgolf.jpg Really, the mobile game market is the only place you can get press releases which are 'jaw-gaping experiences'. Such is the case with this Lagardere Active North America release GSW just got, touting, a mobile game site from the U.S. division of the big French firm that "thoroughly incorporates hip-hop culture with one of the premier games, “Lil’Jon Crunk Golf,” featuring the superstar rapper/producer playing his own version of golf on New York City rooftops."

Oh, but Lil 'Jon Crunk Golf is only the beginning from BlingGames, which is the sister site of the apparently popular Blingtones hiphop ringtones hub. Other games include 'Hot Secretary', in which "the player is the head of a major rap company seeing how far his female assistant will go to get the job done" (uhh, excuse me?), and, wait for it, 'Stackin’ Bling' "an addictive puzzle game that involves colorful, jeweled blocks - a blinged-out twist on the puzzle/action games of the past." Sounds totally blinged out.

Of course, it probably helps that "Behind the launch of BlingGames is a team of industry veterans composed by Nicolas Gaume, who previously founded Kalisto Entertainment at the age 19 in 1990." See, from Nightmare Creatures to Lil' Jon's pimp cup isn't the six degrees of separation we previously reckoned on.