lomax.jpg 1UP is continuing its brave crusade to be seditiously retro, and its first-ever 'Retronauts' column explores DMA Design's classic suicidal puzzler Lemmings.

As author Jeremy Parish rightly points out in his intro: "After building a reputation for quality games over the space of a decade, DMA created the incredibly successful Grand Theft Auto and was snatched up by Rockstar Games to be rechristened "Rockstar North.".. The company's names and leaders have changed over the years, yet there's a subversive sense of anarchy that permeates its work -- a streak of lighthearted mayhem that dates all that way back to the O.G. of DMA: 1989's Lemmings."

The rest of the breezy retrospective discusses the upcoming PSP version of the game, plus some of the spinoffs (including the odd, barely Lemming-like but extremely cultish PS1 platformer The Adventures of Lomax, whose back cover reveals you can "battle against zombies, pirates, cowboys" all at once!), before ending with the revelation that the second Retronauts, to be posted soon, will feature "...a thorough examination of the recent Taito Legends collection alongside its Japanese counterparts, Taito Memories." Any excuse to rave about New Zealand Story is fine by us.