nearlydeparted.jpg The rather handy Fort90 points out a great-looking new cartoony 2D PC/Mac adventure game made with the 'LASSIE Adventure Studio' game maker, and named 'Nearly Departed'.

The John Green-created game is subtitled 'The Story of A Reluctant Zombie', and the story synopsis explains: "You emerge from a grave, apparently a zombie with amnesia, and have to solve the mystery of your demise while resisting your craving for BRAINS!'

Screenshots are pretty darn neat, and there's a downloadable Windows demo available at the LASSIE page -which is an acronym for 'The Lingo Adventure Scripting System and Interactivity Engine', of course, you crazy people! Oh, and indie adventure distributor Pinhead Games will help get 'Nearly Departed' out to the public when it's done, too, yay. We're keenly looking forward to it.