miut.jpg Yar-harrrr! The Monkey Island series of games continue to inspire fanatical devotion, and the latest example of this is an interview over at ModDB regarding the Unreal Tournament 2004 mod 'Plunder 3D'.

As the Plunder 3D website explains: "We aim to make Puerto Pollo wich is the city of Plunder Island and The Fortress playable... the gametype will be teamplay based." The art showcased so far is pretty neato, and the gameplay may be equally jovial: "You might find yourself hunting for treasure on the undead team, or defending it as the pirate."

According to the Norwegian student developers, the "...first public beta [will be] out in the first half of 2006, hopefully even earlier" - as long as LucasArts doesn't set the law offices of Murray the Talking Skull on them for not really having the MI license, of course.