mega64.jpg You may well have been turned back on to Internet game-video japesters Mega64 by their new Katamari Damacy video, released a few days back as a preview for Season 2 of their cable-access/DVD shows.

But a glance at the Mega64 news reveals a whole bunch more prank/comedy viral videos the Mega64 guys were commissioned by Ubisoft, a lot of which seem to have flown under the non-SomethingAwful radar - we last looked around the time of the rather hilarious Cold Fear videos, and there's been plenty of new material since then.

New-ish stuff posted late in 2005 includes some very silly Prince Of Persia vids, some weirdo 187: Ride Or Die vids, including some machinima spoofs apparently not noticed by many, and the rather fun 'Myst Is Life' video, where-in a hardcore Myst fan tries to live out the classic rotate/point interface in real life. [Incidentally, the GSW editors have seen a lot of Season 2, for 'secret reasons', and oh my lordy, there's some genius material in there - esp. the much-fabled Luigi's Mansion sketch.]