marioa.gif Following up on a recent GSW post about the majestic 'Mario Adventure' homebrew mod of Super Mario Bros. 3, the Vintage Computing website has interviewed hack author DahrkDaiz on his retro modding past, present, and future.

Unfortunately, it turns out Mario Adventure will never function 100% correctly on a real NES, as DD explains: "I reprogrammed the game to take advantage of a bug most emulators have, however, I did not realize at the time that it was a bug. The hack would work on a real NES, but not properly all time. The main bug being the status bar moving up over the screen at certain times."

But we do get exciting news on DahrkDaiz' next hack, as he explains of his forthcoming SMB3 hack: "It makes Luigi and Mario be separate characters with each having special powers of their own for different gameplay, including Luigiā€™s floaty jump and slippery control and a new item box for Mario found in Mario Adventure. Each character has their own separate 8 worlds to play through, so this is literally two hacks in one." Roll on, new hackness!