jsw.jpg The German-based retro crazies at RedKeyRedDoor have put up a very informative new post pointing out a bunch of Sinclair ZX Spectrum game walkthrough videos currently available on Google Video.

Here's the rundown: "Want to see your favourite Speccy games done to completion, but can't be bothered to faff about with all that emulator nonsense? Heroic internet person 'Daren' is busy stuffing Google Video with complete video walkthroughs of Spectrum games -- so you can sit back and watch Sabreman reunite the Sabre Wulf amulet, Eric rescue his report in Skool Daze, and Willy get past Maria in Jet Set Willy."

Wow, color us impressed - everything else on Google Video has just been passe so far, but a complete Jet Set Willy video walkthrough? We weren't expecting that under the Banyan Tree.