bm2k6.jpg Over at Greg Costikyan's weblog, the veteran game designer and co-founder of the still very nascent, pre-production Manifesto Games indie game distribution website, has announced new weblogs from the other principals.

It's noted: "[veteran ex-CGW editor] Johnny Wilson will be blogging at Game Gospel; essentially, he's been cobbling together reviews and articles about some games we want to offer, and I figured we should put them out there ahead of time. They'll eventually be reformatted for the Manifesto Games site, but for now, you'll find some timely discussion of at least the sorts of games he likes--strategy games, for the most part." In addition: "Eleanor Lang, our publicist, will be blogging at Comrade Lang's Little Red Blog."

Wilson's first posts deal with a game Manifesto will apparently be carrying, hardcore stat sim Baseball Mogul 2006, of which it's explained: "To the statistics-oriented fan, Baseball Mogul 2006 offers a fabulous laboratory for testing their Sabremetrics approach to front office management." It remains to be seen if Manifesto's funding and infrastructure can be put in place, but at least they're thinking carefully about the kind of games they want to promote.