25.jpg You know that guy who's giving violence and video games a bad name? You know, 'that guy'? Well, we found him, and, according to a Louisville, KY story on NBC's WAVE 3 TV station, he's 17 year old Andrew Iredale.

Of course, the station itself is hardly blameless, since, well, let's hear the angle on this story about Eidos' '25 To Life': "WAVE 3's Jeff Tang finds out what the widow of a fallen officer has to say about the idea of people pretending to shoot cops for entertainment." Delightful.

But Andrew Iredale, WAVE 3's randomly picked teenage Kentucky gamer, doesn't exactly advance the cause, by commenting of the game: "I haven't played it, I hear it's, like, really good, gangsters and stuff", before continuing, happily: "I have San Andreas for X Box -- it's pretty tight."

If Andrew looked carefully at the graphic used for WAVE 3's story, he will note that 25 To Life is such a bad game that they could only find a used EB Games box to take a picture of (see top left of this story!).

So who actually wins, with stories like this? Well, paradoxically, WAVE 3 are boosting sales of the game by running scare stories on it - Eidos' Bill Gardner recently commented to Next-Gen that "The game, I thought, was weak. It rated poorly. But the politicians felt that they should step on the game, which caused it to show up much bigger than any marketing money we might have put behind it." Ugh, circle of... something horrid.