lostp.jpg Game Informer's online arm, which continues to run some pretty neat interviews, has caught up with Capcom's Keiji Inafune and Kenji Oguro regarding upcoming Xbox 360 Japanese first person (!) / third person shooter Lost Planet: Extreme Condition, which is due out in the West in 2007.

Inafune, of course, is best known as the creator of Mega Man, and it's intriguing to see such noted Japanese creators take on Western genres so head on, in a similar way to Namco's intriguing but ultimately sales-weak Breakdown for Xbox.

In particular, Inafune comments on Lost Planet's controls, always a difficult point with console FPSes: "I wish I could let you play it because I’m confident that it has very good controls to the point where anyone who’s played Halo can jump right into this and have no problem and be able to control it quite well."

Another particularly honest comment comes from Inafune regarding the addition of noted Asian actor Lee Byung-Hung as the lead game character: "We’re trying to get your casual gamer to purchase it as well. So midway through development we’re like, 'This is a popular actor right now in Japan. Putting him in the game may help Japanese sales.' In Japan we realized that the Xbox 360 was going to have an uphill battle. We’re going to need an extra hook to try and get people other than really hardcore gamers, which are the only types that are buying it right now in Japan." Wow, very direct.