desktoplara.jpg Good news, everybody! According to this page on the official Tomb Raider: Legend website, it appears that: "Lara Croft is about to enter one of the most treacherous environment known to man. A dark place where things are lost forever and hidden treasures of unimaginable brillliance [sic] and horror can be unearthed by only the most adventurous...your desktop."

Wait, have you seen our desktop recently? No matter. According to the breathless PR copy: "Lara will keep herself sharp and fit exploring the vast obstacle course that is your desktop environment." We tried installing the Windows executable to see how that worked, and found out that Lara pops up, plugs the game in a tart English accent, then stretches (yes, yes, unfeasible bounce) and runs around the bottom of your screen until you get bored of her - which is quite quickly.

Still, with the actual game looking rather pretty, especially for the Xbox 360, and with Crystal Dynamics having been given some seriously extended deadlines to better the franchise, we're hoping that the gameplay will match the fetching visuals. Heck, with even unlikely sources excited about the game, Lara may be back with much more than a whimper.