killer7.jpg Capcom and Grasshopper Manufacture's exceptionally weird, exceptionally cultish action title Killer 7 is a 'love it or hate it' experience for the critics, but even twisted slayers may be intrigued by a new Comic Book Resources interview reveals info about the tie-in U.S. comic, a "twelve-issue mini-series from Devil's Due Publishing and Kinetic Underground."

It seems that comic book writer Arvid Nelson has is building on established ideas for the comic's eponymous heroes "In their quest to find and destroy Heaven's Smile."

Nelson explains of the [EDIT: Existing Killer 7 plot, thanks ShaperMC!]: "They will encounter everything from zombie terrorists to an Evangelical cult leader with a Messiah complex to a black market organ smuggler to a group of five Power Ranger type children's television heroes who moonlight as assassins. It's going to be a wild ride!" Sounds like it!