mucade.jpg So, all you really need to know is that ABA Games' Kenta Cho, creator of such greatness as rRootage and Torus Trooper, has released a new Windows PC freeware action shooter, Mu-cade.

Fortunately, though we haven't had a chance to try it yet, The2Bears have already fired Mu-cade up, and notes that Kenta Cho describes it as “The Physics Centipede Invasion", before explaining of the game: "The goal is to knock and bump the enemies out and avoid the same for your centipede."

Evidently, there's some interesting new tactics in this title: "There’s some classic “snake” element going on, your centipede body seems to grow. This tail is apparently a weapon also, as ‘X‘ causes your tail segments to explode. ‘Z‘ is the usual main weapon." As always, Cho's neat visuals are also in full effect, and well - why haven't you downloaded it yet? We heart you, Kenta.