kdcars.jpg Via Gonzalo Frasca's Ludology.org, a link to Yury Gitman's Making Toys weblog, which is part of his Parsons School Of Design course, is subtitled 'The Insides and Outsides of Electronic Toy Design', and is cool enough on its own, in a non-video game type way.

But then, of course, Frasca pointed out their Katamari Damacy remote control car game, described as follows: "Two players are needed to play the game. Players can choose Shikao or Ichigo to represent themselves in order to start the game. On the floor there are some objects such as sushi, pencils, ducks, eggs, and so on. Players will race to collect as many objects as possible with their Katamari balls. When the cars move, the Katamari balls will roll up random objects from the floor. The player who collects the most objects wins the game!!!!" We believe Velcro is used. This is cool.

Needless to say, this is totally cute, and the embedded Quicktime movie explains it well. Apart from the recent and rather cool T-shirts, when are Namco going to bow to the inevitable and introduce an endless line of Katamari merchandise? We'd so buy it all.