intelli.gif An official PR release from 'TV game' manufacturer Techno Source reveals "the release of Intellivision 10 2nd Edition, a
follow-up to their best-selling Intellivision 10 Video Game System."

According to the PR (no pics of new all-in-one joypad that we can find, here's plenty of info on the old one): "The new TV Play System includes previously unreleased Intellivision classics, such as Deadly Discs and Crown of Kings, along with super-enhanced versions of the two of the most popular video games of all time, AstroSmash and Space Armada. Intellivision 10 2nd Edition will retail for approximately $12.99."

Sound neat - but is 'Deadly Discs' the Tron: Deadly Discs game (scroll down) with the Tron license surgically removed? Cheeky, if so. Sounds like the same is true for Crown Of Kings and the Advanced D&D cart for Intellivision. Still, ours not to reason why? (Oh, and Techno Source is also re-manufacturing classic Coleco games, which is neato.)