imok.jpg Derek Yu, who helps edit TIGSource, has announced the release of his latest game project, Thompsonsoft's 'I'm OK - A Murder Simulator', for which he contributed 2D art alongside a completely demented team.

The official Thompsonsoft website explains: "Consisting of 3 alcoholics and a foreign exchange student, Thompsonsoft is a new game company formed around the singular idea that Jack Thompson is the most brilliant game designer in the universe. After reading "A Modest Video Game Proposal", we formed this company to create any game that Jack Thompson designed. Our first title, "I'm OK", is based on Jack's masterful design from "A Modest Video Game Proposal" and it's a murder simulator so cruel, so bloodthirsty, so horrifyingly violent that it makes Grand Theft Auto seem like Sunday Funday."

Now, obviously this concept has been done a least twice before, including The Fighting Hellfish's 'Defamation Of Character' Grand Theft Auto mod that caused Penny Arcade to donate $10,000 to charity on Jack's behalf, and Dr. Ian's disturbing Bodythumper: Starring Osaki Kim, but 'I'm OK' is a whole new level of horrific NES-like Thompson-inspired 2D carnage. With dancing brains you can pee on.

[DISCLAIMER: Seriously - this game is very, very, very wrong. Actually, it's epochally messed-up, and includes unnecessary sprite-based violence on animals, minors, and executives. Needless to say, not safe for minors, work, or pretty much anything. Oh, and don't read Thompsonsoft's brief history of video game violence while you're at it.]