witchsyarn.jpg The 2006 Independent Games Festival is rapidly approaching, and we realized we had forgotten to point out sister site Gamasutra's multitude of interviews with IGF Main Competition finalists. The latest is with Keith Nemitz of The Witch's Yarn developer Mousechief, dealing with that PC/Mac title's unique story-based gameplay.

Nemitz explains the game's genesis, noting: "That was the inspiration, to bring interactive fiction to the masses, cut costs, and increase the player's immersion. Casual gamers were the only market we could approach for $10,000. So, The Witch's Yarn was written as an interactive sit-com. Dear readers, please tell your non-gamer friends and relatives, who enjoy a leisurely read, The Witch's Yarn was developed for them."

However, this is just the latest in a long series of 'Road To The IGF' finalist Q&As that has included Professor Fizzwizzle's Ryan Clark, Dad 'N Me's Dan Paladin, Wildlife Tycoon's Andy Schatz, Rumble Box's Joe Bourrie & Patrick Hackett, Tube Twist's Justin Mette, and Dodge That Anvil!'s Jake Grandchamp, all of which well are worth checking out for indie spark, we claim.