hitmyth.jpg You may recall a GSW post back in December about the Gizmondo Texas-developed action-RPG Hit & Myth, then thought to be close to release.

Well, since then, unfortunately, Gizmondo Europe has officially liquidated, as the distinctly dodgy business practices of the firm got too much for it, and a post on the Viridian Games weblog tells the Gizmondo Texas side of the story in fascinating detail. [Incidentally, GSW operatives have a pre-release copy of Hit & Myth, and it's a shame most people will never see it - it's a fun Gauntlet-style shooter.]

It's explained: "Hit & Myth went gold in late October, but Gizmondo didn’t have the necessary cash to publish it. They didn’t even have the cash to pay for the XForge library we had used to create the game, requiring us to spend another month rewriting the game to work without that library... Then we started working on other projects, like the Gizmondo version of Johnny Whatever (which could still be the most awesome game ever if done right - imagine a cross of Guitar Hero with Grand Theft Auto III)."

Sadly, Gizmondo Texas is now closed down, with designer Wynne McLaughlin also posting about its closure, before revealing a new position at NCSoft working on Tabula Rasa. But we salute some of the honest developers caught out by the perhaps less legit suits, and wish 'em good luck. Oh, and we need to tell you about the Gizmondo version of 'Halo: Spartan' sometimes, don't we? Now there's an interesting story.