HGM8.jpg The people behind the PDF and print Hardcore Gamer Magazine, who also run the much-praised strategy guide firm DoubleJump Books, have released Issue 8 of the magazine for free download, yay.

The magazine is actually startlingly good-looking, and also features plenty of otaku-friendly content, from a feature by Roger Danish on 'Console Curiosities' (including the Generation Nex, Treamcast, Gameking) to a plethora of previews and reviews of console, mobile, and eclectic games - there's even a whole bunch of advertising from companies like Nippon Ichi and Southpeak Interactive, showing that a hybrid print/online mag can get at least some commercial interest from advertisers.

Anyhow, go check out the PDF version, or maybe even subscribe to the whole magazine - 12 issues for $25 isn't bad, and I'm betting these might be collector's items for Kevin Gifford-like magazine accumulators in a few years.